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Tide Power and MWM successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Tide Power and MWM successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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After becoming a close OEM partner with Lister Petter in the UK earlier this year, Tide Power now welcomes another good news: Tide Power has officially become one of the very few authorized OEM partners of Caterpillar/MWM worldwide.

Through this cooperation, the two parties intend to establish a long-term communication mechanism and leverage their core strengths to jointly promote the application of green energy in the power sector and inject new vitality into the development of eco-industry.

MWM is a world advanced manufacturer of high efficiency gas engines and generator sets with a wide range of products mainly for the energy supply sector. The agreement was reached to cooperate in the TCG3016 series, which serves a wide range of application scenarios for power generation projects in the fields of natural gas and biogas, among which the power range of natural gas engines is: 600kW, 800kW and 1000kW; and the power range of biogas engines is: 600kW and 800kW.

The TCG3016 series has high profitability with high electrical efficiency in its power range, up to 44.4% for natural gas (NG) and 44.2% for biogas (BG); improved combustion chambers and spark plugs allow for a significant reduction in fuel consumption. In addition, while ensuring a complete and functional engine base, a compact engine assembly is utilized, reducing space requirements and making interconnection and product packaging easier.

After Tide Power and MWM establish a deeper partnership, they will actively promote the development of green energy ecology in the future, which is not only a strong combination and complementary advantages in the fields of technology and resources, but also a new attempt to explore energy ecology in depth and build a new path together. Both sides will maximize the linkage effect, serve double carbon and provide new momentum for the development of green energy ecosphere.

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