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How To Store Diesel Fuel Properly? How To Solve The Diesel Generator Fuel Problem?

How To Store Diesel Fuel Properly? How To Solve The Diesel Generator Fuel Problem?

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Problems of the diesel fuel tanks of the diesel generators, that fungus, mold and bacteria can pose a serious threat because they can clog fuel filters and reduce efficiency. The following procedures can be used to determine if your diesel generator and diesel fuel tank have a fungal, mold or bacterial problem. In addition, we can consider what particular steps that can be taken to correct and prevent problems from occurring.


Most diesel fuels contain microorganisms that can enter through the fuel tank vents. The microorganisms live in water, use diesel fuel as the food source, and expel waste that clogs the fuel filter. Microbes need water to survive and grow, and that a drop of water for the microbes is a lake. If the fuel does have microbes and is  in a device with water, the microbes will grow in the device. The usual problem is that the engine will not reach the required RPM or will shut down, which is the result caused by fungus and mold clogging the fuel filter. In most cases replacing the fuel filter will allow the engine to restart. In addition, bacteria growing in diesel fuel can cause the diesel tank to rust and damage the fuel system components.


If you experience the symptoms or diesel generator problems explained above, the first step is to perform a microbiological test. Microbiological testing is accomplished by taking a fuel sample from the bottom of the tank. A special test pad is treated with sterile water and immersed in the diesel fuel sample. The sample is then placed in a sterile plastic culture bag, placed in a dark place and left for five days. If the fuel is infected, microorganisms will grow on the sample. If you have a large number of diesel generators, we recommend that you field test some of them.


Also, biocides can be used to treat microbial infections. It is important to note that products claiming to inhibit microbial growth should not be used. The tank is always considered to be in full condition, so the biocide is strong enough to kill microorganisms on the tank walls during refueling. Biocide used should remain active for at least thirty days. Deciding on the approach of how the biocide is added in order that the biocide and diesel fuel are well mixed; aerating the fuel and biocide is a good method of mixing.


Finally, it is essential to check the fuel tank monthly. Water found in the bottom of the tank needs to be removed and small amount of water can also be chemically removed. Preventing these problems is much cheaper than fixing them after the incident which usually involves equipment failure and expensive downtime.


These are the reasons for diesel fuel maintenance for standby diesel generators and it provides some important hints to solving the problem that can save you a lot of trouble and downtime. If you need to have more information about diesel generator sets or are ready to purchase one please contact Tide Power as we have various models which are of high quality and high performance diesel generator sets for your selection.


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