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Great News: A Strategic Cooperative Agreement Has Been Signed Between Tide Power And MWM

Great News: A Strategic Cooperative Agreement Has Been Signed Between Tide Power And MWM

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Following the OEM agreement signed with UK Lister Petter Engine Company Limited, Tide Power again has officially secured one of the few OEM partnership with Caterpillar/MWM.


It is through such cooperation that both company intends to establish a long term mutual communication mechanism in order to exert our core advantages to develop the green power source for the application in the power industry so as to inject a new development to the eco- industry.


MWM is a leading gas generator and engine provider with advance and efficient technology and a diversity of products that appeal to the power industry. With this cooperative agreement using the TCG3016 series which is applicable for multi environmental application and that the series is catered for natural gas and biogas type of projects. For the natural gas and biogas the rated power range will be 600kW, 800kW, 1000kW and 600kW, 800kW respectively.



The TCG3016 series is highly profitable as within its power range it has a very high electrical efficiency which is 44.4% for natural gas and 44.2% for biogas. The improvement of the combustion chamber and spark plug greatly enhances lowering the fuel consumption rate. Besides, in ensuring the unique features and the basic requirement of the engine, it is configured with a compact design that can lower the need for more spacing which at the same time convenient for connection and packaging.


Since the incorporation in 2006, Tide Power has always perceived the perception of Contributing our effort for the global power industry. Not only we have established ourselves in product design but also the creativity in manufacturing highly reliable and quality products. In addition, we have a team of R&D professional and advance assemble line which can satisfy the different project requirements and environment in solving their need for custom made and highly efficient power solution proposal.



After establishing the core development and with the close relationship, Tide Power and MWM will actively develop the green energy source for the eco-industry. This is not only a strong combination of technology and resources but a complimentary advantage for each other in developing a new path for exploring power source for the ecological environment. Both parties will enjoy the synergy effect of servicing decarbonization and provide new energy source for the benefit of the eco-system. 

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