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About Tide Power


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About TidePower

ABOUT TidePower

Incorporated in 2006, Tide Power Group holds its headquarter in Hongkong with its UK and China Two production bases . China factory is sited in an area of over 5000 sq. meter. accommodating over 200 full time employees. With an annual production capacity of over 2800 units, Tide Power not only is always focusing its aim in product design and innovation ideas in producing highly reliable and quality products to cater for the need of different type of clients but also equipped with a strong professional technical team and an advanced production assembly line to achieve our goal. We continuously provide a variety of power generating products which include residential sound proof gensets to high voltage grid connection units for industrial application. Our range of ratings, from5kva to 4500kva, can give us the ability to meet our clients demands.

Tide History

Incorporated in 2006, Tide Power Technology Company Limited has undergone different stages of changes with aim in developing ourselves to be one of the leading manufacturer in power generation. The phases of changes emphasis our determination and wish to accomplish our goal in achieving to manufacture quality and reliable products for the power industry. With the years of development, we are able to better ourselves by employing professional technician and introducing a complete production and office system to meet the end. In addition, for the sake of cutting down unnecessary discrepencies of outsourcing, we have introduced the metal fabricating factory and alternator factory for better managing of the finished product.


Mission & Vision & Values


To define and focus on the basic market need and client requirement in facing the challenge and pressure in order to provide competitive products and services and continue creating the best economic and social value.


By establishing professional team in producing first class and reliable power solution for any energy projects and that the products of Tide Power will have global presence and recognition in which our working partners will have brilliant growth along with our products and services.


Integrity, freedom, Symbiosis, responsibility and appreciation

  • Integrity: Sincerity to people, standby our faith Integrity is the virtue of any enterprise or individual and is the base for establishing mutual trust which is the key to earn respect and friendship

  • Freedom: Disregarding the source of ideas whether it may be unrealistic and not practical but still we will try our best in locating the best applicable approaches. Not being influenced by traditional type of thought or theoretical restriction, just employing our own potential and foresight in creating and developing what is best fitted for the current scenario and responsively for the action taken with fact and actual data. 

  • Symbiosis: To work on the same platform for glory or failure.

  • Responsibility

a) To take responsibility for what is required in your own position

b) To challenge your own potential for a higher goal and aim other than what is your position requires 

c)  To take up the social and company’s responsibility 

  • Appreciation

a) To appreciate your own advancement and trust yourself

b) To appreciate and recognize other’s advancement

c) To be appreciated by our cooperative partners in providing them with good quality products and services

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