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  • Boost Efficiency and Performance with Tide Power Custom Genset Fuel Tank

    At Tide Power, we understand the importance of seamless operations and uninterrupted power supply. That’s why we’ve developed a specialist range of custom fueltank designed specifically for power generators. Tide Power’s latest customised fueltank capacity can keep the generator set running for 72 hours!Time is of the essence when it comes to implementing power solutionsand ensuring an uninterrupted and reliable fuel supply. Tide Power’s customisedgenset fueltank offers a breakthrough in transport height limitation and is designed for easy disassembly. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading design.We are ideally placed to provide the perfect fuel tank solutionfor your gensetfuel supply needs.Our fast design and the expertise of our experienced engineering team means minimal delays and project timescales tailor-made to fit your schedule.As a professional energy solutionprovider, Tide Powerhas a comprehensive global supply chain system and service network, with professional talent teams from international offices in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, and more, serving more than 80 countries and regions worldwide. Adhering to the corporate philosophy of contributing to the glob...
    Date: 2024-07-12   Clicks: 13

  • A Delegation from the CCPIT Fujian visit to Tide Power

    Last Friday, Mr Xie Xuhua, Vice Chairman of Fujian Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT, Fujian), together with MsLiu Wenrong, Minister of Liaison Department of CCPITFujian, Mr Kerrington, Director of HKTDC Fujian Office, and MsZheng Ling, Vice Chairman of Fuzhou Council for the Promotion of International Trade,paid a visit toTide Power.In the communication, Vice Chairman Xie gained further insight into the needs of enterprises, invited Tide Power to join China Chamber of International Commerce (CCCIC), and stated that CCPIT Fujian is committed to providing support to foreign trade companies in overcoming challenges and obstacles, as well as in developing effective globalisation strategies.Furthermore, Vice ChairmanXie introduced the first China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE)toTide Power and sent us an invitation to participate in the exhibition.The CISCE is the world's first national-scale exhibition dedicated to supply chains. The second edition scheduled on Nov. 26-30 in Beijing will focus on advanced manufacturing, clean energy, smart vehicles, digital technology, the health industry and green agriculture.As a professional energy solution provide...
    Date: 2024-07-05   Clicks: 23

  • Advocating for Stronger Electricity Grids to Meet Rising AI Demands

    The energyconsumption of generative AI is a notable concern.According to the BBC, datacentre electricity needs are forecast to double between 2022 and 2026.A Generative AI system might use around 33 times more energythan machines running task-specific software, according to a recent study, external by Dr Luccioni and colleagues.It’s not your personal computer that uses all this energy, though. Or your smartphone. The computations we increasingly rely on happen in giant datacentres.From the outside, datacenterscan resemble ordinary warehouses. But inside, the windowless structures can house acres of computer servers used to powereverything from social media to banking. The centers suck up massive amounts of energy to keep datamoving and water to keep servers from overheating.Datacenters are the backbone of the increasingly digital world, and they consume a growing share of the nation’s electricity, with no signs of slowing down.“The cloud,” says Dr Luccioni. “You don’t think about these huge boxes of metal that heat up and use so much energy.”A significant contributor to this field is Tide PowerGeneratorSets, which are instrumental in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of d...
    Date: 2024-07-02   Clicks: 23

  • Tide Power Generator Maintenance Tips for a Hot Summer

    Proper maintenance of diesel generators during the summer season is essential to ensure reliable backup power. Regular inspections, cleaning, monitoring of fluid levels, battery maintenance and load testing all contribute to the smooth operation of these generators. Here are some practical tips for maintaining your diesel generatorover the summer months.Regular Inspection and Cleaning: During the summer, dust, debris, and humidity can affect the performance of a diesel generator. That's why Tide Power recommends regular inspections and cleaning to help maintain its efficiency. Fluid Levels and Fuel Quality: Ensure coolant levels are within the recommended range and free of contaminants. Monitor oil levels and quality and change regularly according to the Tide Power’s recommendations. In addition, the use of fuel stabilisers can help maintain fuel quality during extended periods of inactivity.Battery Maintenance: Inspect the battery for corrosion, loose connections, or leaks. Clean the battery terminals with a mixture of baking soda and water to remove any corrosion. Tighten loose connections and ensure the battery is securely mounted.Check the battery's charge level and r...
    Date: 2024-07-02   Clicks: 26

  • 8 Steps to Choosing a Construction Dewatering Pump

    Pumpselection is more complicated than it may seem. Tide Powercan help youperform the necessary measurements and calculations, choose an appropriate pumpand design a system that does the job efficiently and at the lowest cost. Following these eight steps can help ensure the selection of an effective dewatering system design:1. Consider the Water SourceThe pumpneeded to dewater a site that gets 2 or 3 inches of standing water after a heavy rain is likely to be different in type and size from the one required when water is constantly seeping into an excavation or running along the ground due to a high water table. A more powerful pumpdesigned for long-term use may be required for continual operation.2. Check the Solids ContentThe water on a construction site will never be completely clear, but the type and amount of debris and solids it carries will vary greatly from location to location.The solids content influences the type of pumpneeded. Using the wrong pumpto move water with a heavy concentration of sludge or other materials will likely result in system failure.3. Determine the Flow Rate Required The maximum flow rate needed is one of the critical pieces of data necessary to prop...
    Date: 2024-06-27   Clicks: 27

  • Senior executives from Perkins visit Tide Power

    Last Friday, Perkinsglobal president for 4000 and 5000 series and Asia sales director visitedTidePower.This meeting marks a further step in the trusted partnership between Perkinsand TidePower.In the future, together with Perkins, we are committed to find more efficient and environmentally friendly power solutions to meet the world's growing demand for electricity.Tide Powerwill always regard its partners as a community of destiny, collaborating for mutual success and empowering a better world together!#TidePower, #Perkins, #engine,#genset, #generatormanufacturer
    Date: 2024-06-27   Clicks: 27

  • Cheers for the completion of the first phase of the Gas Project in Nigeria

    Congratulations on the successful completion of the first phase of our gas project in Nigeria! Seven gas gensetspowered by the MWMoriginal German engines have been connected to the grid and run smoothly. This critical deployment marks a significant step forward for local industry, offering a reliable and efficient solution for its industrial production needs. Tide Power is proud to announce the launch of its inaugural Natural Gas Power Module project in Nigeria. This game-changing project is equipped with a dedicated team of engineers based there to provide full professional and technical support for the successful launch of the project. This case demonstrates the capabilities of the Tide team in the context of large-scale gas power projects, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting new development.As a professional energy solution provider, Tide Power provides customers with customized solutionsand full lifecycle services,which effectively solves the problem of electricityshortage in the production of local industrial parks, and promotes the improvement of both economic and ecological benefits.Adhering to the corporate philosophy of contributing to the global ...
    Date: 2024-06-21   Clicks: 33

  • Successful Synchronization of 7 Gas Gensets in Africa

    In the industrial city of southeastern Nigeria, Africa, a large industrial park is currently under construction with the aim of building a power station.Last week, under the expert guidance ofTide Powertechnical engineering team,7generator sets, equipped withMWMGerman originalengines,are being strategically placed and interconnected to operate seamlessly in parallel.This critical deployment marks a significant milestone in enhancing theindustrial park's electrical infrastructure, ensuring a reliable and uninterruptedpowersupply to support itsindustrial productionneeds.Based on powerdemand, Tide Powerhas selected MWMGerman original engineto design 7 gas generator sets, adopt parallel island operation to continuously meet the surrounding electricity demand with strong performance, and have characteristics such as low emissions, high efficiency, and high safety. The selected LEROY-SOMER dual bearing high-voltage generator can efficiently ensure the safety of long-distance powertransmission. Replacing traditional water tank heat dissipation with plate heat exchangers has a compact structure, greatly enhancing the spatial flexibility of the unit.As a professional energy solution pro...
    Date: 2024-06-06   Clicks: 89

  • Opening ceremony of Fujian Tide Power New Energy Power Co.,Ltd

    On18 May, the opening ceremony of Fujian Tide New EnergyPower Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Luoyuan County, Fujian Province. As a subsidiary of Tide Power, it will handle the order service for the expansion of new product lines and serve as the R&D, assembly and testing base for Tide dewatering pumpsand gas generator sets in the future.Mr Rex, the General Manager, attended the ceremony with senior management and core staff. In a warm atmosphere, Mr Rex gave a short speech. He said that Tide Powerstarted from a small factory in 2006, starting from diesel generators, to the birth of Luoyuan subsidiary in 2024, and more and more products have entered the market, all the way is really not easy. The achievements of the company today are due to the hard work and dedication of everyone at Tide Power.Subsequently, Mr Rex then joined senior management and key staff for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the official opening of the Luoyuan subsidiary and the formal inauguration of the production and R&Dbase for Tide pumps and gas generators. At the sound of the gun salute, the scene erupted into thunderous applause.Immediately afterwards, the dewatering pumpwas switched on. Mr...
    Date: 2024-05-31   Clicks: 42

  • Empowering Australian Agriculture: Tide Power & Lister Petter Join Forces

    In the vast lands of Australian farms, a new era of renewable energy is quietly emerging. The perfect fusion of Tide Power and Lister Petter engines has brought forth efficient and reliable energy solutions to Australian farm projects, facilitating their transition towards green practices and sustainable development.The Australian farm projects by Tide Power have opted for units equipped with the renowned Lister Petter engines. These engines boast robust power and high efficiency. Not only do they exhibit outstanding performance, but they also possess excellent durability and stability, providing continuous and reliable power support to farms.As pioneers in eco-friendly energy, the collaboration between Tide Power and Lister Petter engines is committed to reducing environmental impact. These units utilize advanced technology and clean fuels, minimizing emissions and promoting green and low-carbon farming practices.Each farm has its unique energy requirements, and Tide Power's Australian farm projects offer customized energy solutions tailored to meet these needs. Whether for irrigation, ranch equipment, or farm household electricity, we can tailor units to precisely match the e...
    Date: 2024-05-24   Clicks: 45

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