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Outdoor Projects

Many outdoor projects which have strickly requirment are using Tide Power power solutions, it has proved the high reliability of Tide Power units. 

Requirement & Challenges

High environmental adaptability

Tide Power diesel genset standard products can be operated at 5°C~50°C and no power attenuation and reliable less than 1000m. Optional coolant heaters, oil heaters and other options can be started at -30 °C low temperature environment.


In the case of the following faults, the unit will stop automatically and send out the corresponding signals: low oil pressure, high water temperature, overspeed, and unsuccessful start-up;

High Security

Design, production and testing fully comply with European CE standards.

Equipped with an emergency stop switch completely eliminates risk of electric shock when restarting.

The lines are integrated by harness assembly, and jackets with high temperature resistance are used in many places. Electrical control lines can withstand high temperatures and

There are two layers of protective insulation, safe and reliable.


Strong adaptability, strong durability, high safety and other features ensure the unit outdoor operation safety and reliability and ensure maximum work efficiency.

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Provide full solutions for products to reduce user's mastery of technology, making the use and maintenance more simple and easier;

The control system has AMF function, can be started automatically, and there are multiple automatic shutdown and alarm functions;

Optional ATS, small unit can choose built-in units ATS;

Ultra-low noise power generation, the noise level below 30KVA is 60dB (A) under 7 meters;

Stable performance, the average fault interval is not less than 1000 hours;

Compact design with optional devices to meet operating requirements in cold and high temperature areas;

Some clients special needs can be customized.

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