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Biomass Resource Recycling Project

Application : Kitchen Waste

Project Introduction :

The first phase of China Biomass Resource Recycling Project is a key project for environmental protection. The construction of the project will help to avoid the food safety problems of gutter oil flowing back to the table and eliminate the risk of homologous pollution and spread of germs caused by kitchen waste as animal feed, which is an important guarantee for sustainable development of urban areas.

The scale of kitchen waste treatment in this project is 400t/d, using anaerobic digestion to produce marsh process to treat kitchen waste, while disposing of kitchen waste, maximizing the recovery and transformation of usable resources in the waste, generating biogas for power generation and recovering and extracting gross oil.

As one of the very few authorized OEM partners of Caterpillar/MWM worldwide, the Tide Power team, thorough research, adopted the MWM engine to power the gas-fired generator set and customized a complete gas-fired solution specifically for this project.

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