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Opening ceremony of Fujian Tide Power New Energy Power Co.,Ltd

Opening ceremony of Fujian Tide Power New Energy Power Co.,Ltd

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On 18 May, the opening ceremony of Fujian Tide New Energy Power Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Luoyuan County, Fujian Province. As a subsidiary of Tide Power, it will handle the order service for the expansion of new product lines and serve as the R&D, assembly and testing base for Tide dewatering pumps and gas generator sets in the future.




Mr Rex, the General Manager, attended the ceremony with senior management and core staff. In a warm atmosphere, Mr Rex gave a short speech. He said that Tide Power started from a small factory in 2006, starting from diesel generators, to the birth of Luoyuan subsidiary in 2024, and more and more products have entered the market, all the way is really not easy. The achievements of the company today are due to the hard work and dedication of everyone at Tide Power.




Subsequently, Mr Rex then joined senior management and key staff for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the official opening of the Luoyuan subsidiary and the formal inauguration of the production and R&D base for Tide pumps and gas generators. At the sound of the gun salute, the scene erupted into thunderous applause.


Immediately afterwards, the dewatering pump was switched on. Mr Rex pressed the button to start the pump unit and a spring immediately gushed out. Accompanied by the crowd, "Water, water! The water is coming! Bring a power bonanza and a brighter future for Tide Power!" A cheer, the successful completion of the opening ceremony.




Under the guidance of Mr Chen Kaixuan, Factory Manager of Luoyuan Factory, all participants visited each functional division of Luoyuan Factory. And synchronously visited the production and assembly workshops of our partner factories to learn from each other, share their respective management and operation experiences, and promote common progress.


In an atmosphere of celebration, excitement, learning and win-win situation, the opening and launch ceremony of the Luoyuan factory was formally completed successfully. This marks another milestone in Tide's development.


Going forward, Tide Power will continue to take the initiative to seize more opportunities and achieve more results with a bold attitude. Let's look forward to making Tide Power a more competitive and influential international brand.




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